Tryptophan to Lysine Ratio Calculator

  • Calculates most economical Trp:Lys ratio.
  • Specific to production system and local market price.
  • This calculator was created, designed, and developed by Kansas State University and Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc.
  • It uses equations developed under commercial conditions by Gonçalves et al. (2015) published in the Journal of Animal Science.
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Quality Supplier


AjiPro®-L is a research-based, rumen-protected and intestinally available L-Lysine developed by Ajinomoto, the leading manufacturer of L-Lysine. Please continue to view this site for details.
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A valuable and practical alternative to dry L-Lysine

  • Offers nutritionists and feed mills flexibility when it comes to supplying L-Lysine
  • Clean & convenient
  • Stored in a dedicated system with automatic inventory monitoring and ordering
  • A standard, industry-wide concentration
  • Accurate metering, application and mixability
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