The only amino acid supplier with an in-house amino acid lab in North America

The Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc. [AANA] offers amino acid analysis services to its contract customers. This service helps nutritionists track the amino acid content of key ingredients that are purchased and improve feed quality through improved formulation accuracy.

The AANA amino acid laboratory follows a number of standardized methodologies for the analysis of “Total Amino Acids”, “Tryptophan”, “Free Amino Acids”, “Crude Protein” and “Dry Matter”. The laboratory’s experienced chemists ensure that the highest level of accuracy is maintained. All assays, for all samples, are run in duplicate. Samples are re-analyzed in the event internal quality checks fail or if the sample analyses are “outside” of a given set of expected parameters.

To ensure conformity and accuracy of analyses, the AANA laboratory participates in the AAFCO check sample program, and an annual “Ring Test” with the five international laboratories of the Ajinomoto Nutrition Network.

The Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition North America, Inc amino acid laboratory is committed to providing the most accurate amino acid analysis to our customers. Contact us for more information: 773-380-7000.